Caspar Petéus body of work includes paintings, installations, drawings, works on paper and textiles.

His work fluctuates between fluid and stagnant, beautiful and grotesque, moving freely between figuration and abstraction as well as mediums. His work merges abstraction and figuration, familiar, yet strange. While they are often figurative, there is a level of abstraction using simple forms, taking them into another intangible space.

His painting process often starts with digital sketches then reworked onto the canvas. Each image is dissected and turned into non-figurative color fields, often painted in a broad range of monochrome color schemes. Accompanying the paintings are color palettes, “24hr Recordings”, which display the essence for each painting, an abstract documentation of the process.

Working from small- to large-scale, he is also exercising a practice that includes treating textiles that are then sewed and stretched as canvases.