Caspar Petéus, b. 1988, Gothenburg, Sweden

Caspar Petéus creates interpretations of figures from the baroque masters, resonations of his mental imprisonment by the infinite aesthetic and formal possibilities of humanity's essence. 

His work fluctuates between fluid and stagnant, beautiful and grotesque, moving freely between figuration and abstraction. He works from sketches, photographs and adopts imagery from historical portraiture. 

Petéus spent his late formative years working as a conservator under two of Sweden's leading conservators, restoring sculptures, paintings, historical buildings and churches. He studied urban art at “Spinneriet” in Malmö, moving on to residencies in Brazil, Argentina, Italy and a year in Stockholm. He moved to New York in the fall of 2013.

He works primarily in painting but his practice also involves works on paper, photography, digital work, textiles and installations.

Petéus currently lives and works in New York and Detroit.